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"Paula's communication with my dog was really amazing, and so insightful. She tapped into his physical health and some behavioral issues that have been impacting him for many years now. The information was detailed and accurate, and she was able to provide me with some tools and strategies to help him. I am forever grateful, as my fur baby is my best companion, and I want him to have the healthiest life. I now have insight into what's wrong and how I can help him in the best ways possible."


Caroline Johnston


"This was our first experience with Animal Communication and it was a fantastic experience! Paula had insights into our puppy that surprised us in her accuracy, considering that she had never met our dog. Paula gave us advice for managing some of our dogs issues, that we've put into effect and have seen improvement. We are impressed and delighted. Would definitely recommend and will do again!"


Danielle & Michael


Read the Amazing Healing Story of Didrik the Horse Here:


Spirit & Animal Communicator & Healer

Paula is proud to be Metis and loves Being of Service to Animals, it is where her heart is.


Paula has been an animal advocate since her early adulthood and has volunteered with animals with organizations such as: SPCA, Vokra, CARES, and Peta. Her love for the welfare of animals began at age 3 when she was given her first kitten Snowball. Since then Paula has had many pets and has always felt a special bond with our furry friends.


In animal communication Paula can connect to your beloved pets or animals (cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc.) to find the root causes of many of their behaviour issues, illness, and general well being.

Through this she can offer solutions to help you to support your pet, to pinpoint an area for your veterinarian to look at.


In animal healing Paula will connect to your pet, communicate to find solutions to their behavioral or physical problems, energetically ground them, rebalance the chakras, re-set the energy field, and even provide hands off energetic healing where needed. She will then email you a full report of her communication, which may offer suggestions and insights to help your animal be their fully healthy, happy, natural selves once again.

Paula offers the following services:

Animal Communication

Energy Healing

Finding a Lost Animal

Connecting to a beloved pet who has passed away and is in spirit

Energy Healer

Energy Healing is a specialized form of healing. During an animal healing depending on the needs of the animal I may perform any of the following: I will ground the animal's energy to the Earth plane, balance their chakra's, give energy healing, listen for recommendations to promote wellness, and in rare cases cut ancestral cords.

This is a totally spiritual experience and people receiving the healing, and animal lovers must be advised this is a safe and secure healing process. However, like most healing interventions, it is not meant to replace medical care. In most circumstances, consulting a veterinarian and/or medical professional for advice and consultation is recommended.

Spirit Channel

Paula is a channel for the Ones of the One and is available for one on one guidance. The Ones are a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension, similar to Abraham as channeled through Esther Hicks. Please email for more information.


Paula will connect you with your loved ones who have crossed over.

Paula deMontigny began her development as a medium at the First United Spiritualist Church and The United Brotherhood Spiritualist Church in New Westminter.


Following this she attended the Arthur Findlay College for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences where she trained with Angie Morris and Sharon Harvey. Paula has since trained with Angel Anne Smith, Eileen Davies, Darren Brittain, Scott Milligan, and Tony Stockwell in mediumship, trance sitting, and inspirational writing.

Illustrated White Cats


Animal Communication &
Spiritual Guidance

Animal Communication Includes Healing


Rates for a one off session is $175 OR get a wellness package offering 3 or 5 sessions for a special discounted rate.

Finding a Lost Pet, or Connecting to a beloved pet in Spirit - no healing $135

Spiritual Channel & Guidance - Please contact for information on packages

Mediumship - $75 per 30 minutes, $135 per 60 minutes

Healing - $75 per session

((FOR SPECIAL RATES  PLEASE EMAIL spiritsconnections@gmail.com FOR INFORMATION))

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