Carmen Lee

Paula guided me through the process gently, it felt like she was channeling presence and people in my past whom I may or may not have met. When she spoke it felt like she was mirroring back to me feelings of what I was thinking and feeling, but was scared to do anything about.


I am still scared but just knowing that there is a presence gives me more confidence to just try to do the things I need to to work towards the life I dream of.


I consider Paula a valuable part of my chosen support team.

Caroline Johnson

Paula is very gifted in channeling spirits. The information that she is being shown is precise and relevant and she delivers the message in a thoughtful, caring and sometimes humorous way.  She has connected with several close family members of mine, and these messages have brought me more clarity and provided me with a greater sense of guidance, hope and inner peace. I am forever grateful.


Thank you for connecting with my loved ones on the other side, as I now feel better connected to the spirit world. I look forward to more readings in the near future. 

Sandra Miller

I have known Paula for over 10years. When I met her I knew she was something special. Not only is she a warm and caring individual, but she truly has a gift. I have had a few readings from others over the past, but nothing like her reading. She is very in tune with things, and after my reading with her I felt an energy, happiness, and peace which left me feeling complete and happy. I highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed!


BC, Canada

Email: pmonty1@gmail.com

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